Reply To: Yamaha P37D vs Suzuki M37

Alan Brinton

The shape of the Yamaha is also moulded inside its case, Olivier. The Yamaha case is of better quality than the Study 32 case. But with either one I don’t think you should have a problem if you think it through. With the front of the keys facing you, the bottom of the melodica fits down into the shallower well or opening of the plastic case. The deeper opening of the case is on the top or cover. There are four little depressions, two toward each end of the bottom of the case, into which the small feet on the bottom of the melodica fit. The mouth piece end is on your left. The mouth piece has to be removed from the melodica or it will not fit. On your Study 32, the mouthpiece snaps into a notched space on the bottom just in front of the right end of the melodica. That might give you some trouble, but with a little practice it shouldn’t be a a problem. With the Yamaha case, there’s a slot for the mouthpiece on the inside of the top.

The trickiest thing with either one is the long tube. On the Suzuki Study 32, it fits along the front of the bottom of the case, with the mouth end wrapped around to the middle of the right end of the melodica. On the Yamahas, the long tube fits around the left end of the top of the case, with the mouth piece end in front of the middle of the front of the melodica. The tube follows the slot around the end of the melodica and ends up about a third of the way along the top. There’s a space there into which the elbow fitting is placed.

I never use the long tube, so I either just leave it in place or leave it out. It or the mouth piece the most likely reason for the the case not closing. The fitting on the long tube that inserts into the Suzuki can be removed from the tube and used as an alternative mouth piece. I strongly prefer this to the regular Suzuki mouth piece.

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