Reply To: Yamaha P37D vs Suzuki M37

Alan Brinton


I seriously doubt that this guy knows what he’s talking about. The P-37D can still be bought new at It is the long time flagship model of Yamaha Pianica. I have seen no other signs, on Japanese sites or elsewhere, that the P-37D is being phased out. The only way I can see that happening is if it is being replaced with a new model, and the new model would be on the market before the P-37D was removed. Yamaha Music is a very conservative company. They would probably notify the Canadian Parliament before discontinuing the P-37D Pianica.

You probably cannot get your hands on either a Yamaha P-37D (or other Yamaha) or a Suzuki M-37C or M-32C before buying one.

A warranty on a melodica is pretty much meaningless. If it is defective, you’ll know right away. The listing on Amazon says that it is “Fulfilled by Amazon,” which means that although the source is in Japan, it is stocked in an Amazon warehouse and can be returned if it is defective or even if you just don’t like it. I buy regularly from Amazon and sometimes return items. They are very good about returns. Amazon says this on their site:

“Amazon handles all customer service and product returns for “Fulfilled by Amazon” items.”

Life is too short to agonize for weeks over a hundred dollar returnable item.

Although the Suzuki M-37C can be purchased through Amazon, it is shipped from Japan and is not “fulfilled by Amazon.” So return of the Suzuki would be problematic.

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