Reply To: Yamaha P37D vs Suzuki M37

Julie Cleveland

Hi all,
Alan, I dragged a pic into bottom since there’s no “upload pic” in menu above this text box, hope it shows up, let me know. That’s Excalibur (piece of junk folks!!!) 37 with no mouthpiece in it obviously. Only good thing about it.
Thanks for pics and info Alan! What a big help. My brother looked at them last night and thinks he can come up with a fix, just based on looking at your pics. Olivier, in next reply I will try as best as I can to describe the Yamaha I am borrowing, wish I knew French for you.
I guess I will go with Suzuki M32C blue, because the only black ones are 37’s, and I am after a lower weight (the Yamaha P37D is approximately 1600 g, or 3.5 pounds, the Suzuki M37 is 947 g, or approximately 2 pounds and the Suzuki M32C blue (blue is only new one I see available at eBay and, more expensive, at Amazon) is 765 g or approximately 1.7 pounds. Could not figure out weight of my Excalibur (did I mention it’s a ripoff and the sellers are sleazy?) but guessing it’s about a pound or so.
I’ll let you all know how I like the M32C!


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