Reply To: Yamaha P37D vs Suzuki M37

Alan Brinton

I think you are referring to the inexpensive Suzuki Study 32, actually not a bad melodica. Its mouthpiece is the same design as used with the metal tray Suzukis, long and narrow, with a ridge that feels sharp near the mouth end. I do not like this mouthpiece; it is awkward for me and too long. That’s why I usually use either the fitting from the long tube as a mouthpiece or another type of Suzuki mouthpiece, the short one I mentioned above that looks like a black pawn in a standard chess set; you put what would be the head of the pawn in your mouth. It is model MP-142, available on eBay now for $18.47 U.S, shipped for free to the U.S. (I think also to Canada). Or it can be purchased for about $7 U.S. directly from Japan, but with shipping of about $18. The shipping would probably be the same if you ordered several, though.

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