Reply To: Yamaha P37D vs Suzuki M37

Julie Cleveland

Hi Alan and Olivier and Martin–
The most remarkable thing happened today, a student walked in and had bought the Yamaha P37!! He left it with me to try out as he knows I’ve boiled it down to a few models. I really liked it, a lot, the action and tone was great, chords very easy to play, nice warm tone, not too “brassy” but, the caveat is the mouthpiece. I didn’t like it, the shape doesn’t allow me to stand in the right position for me and Alan, like you, I don’t like to use a mouthpiece at all but there isn’t enough of a lip(? can’t think of word, you know what I mean) around the hole, to hang onto!! You (Alan) know what I mean. So just that alone would rule it out for me, unfortunately, because everything else about it is great (the keys are a tiny bit wider yes?, which is cool).
I do feel after playing it that I don’t think I really need those top notes so realize that for now I’d be very happy with 32. Alan–there doesn’t seem to be any black Suzuki M32’s so I guess it’ll have to be blue OR just get the Suzuki M37 which is black (and has that groovy-looking case, haha, I really don’t care about the case!) but then we are back to 37 keys and possibly heavier.I think now for me it boils down to: 1. does the Suzuki have a whatever you call it I can get my mouth around! (OMG where is this going…LOL), there must be, cos I see Batiste do it! and 2. weight, the weights of the two models (gonna go look that up right now), if not significant I’d take either the M32C or the 37.

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