Reply To: Looking for a Suzuki M-37C

Alan Brinton

Got it. I’m pretty sure the M-37 in the eBay add is not the M-37C, but rather the earlier M-37 that was made from 1977-1999.

Where will your friend be in the U.S.? Will that friend be able to have something shipped to him or her here?

Here is an M-37C in Japan with a buyout price of about $55 U.S. It would have to be shipped to you to get there in time. It’s on auction and there are only 10 hours left (though it could be relisted if not sold). There would be modest fees added and the cost of shipping. The same site has others for not much more, though you have to bid on them. I have purchased here many times with no problems. Current models have seldom been used much if at all.

Have you considered the M-32C (which I think is a little better though with fewer keys)? But there would be the same buying and shipping issues.)

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