Reply To: Looking for a Suzuki M-37C


Sorry I haven’t answered both above post earlier but I’ve been away from “cyberspace” \for a while!!
So,firstly,Alan thanks for your take on it but through my own experience something like a musical instrument will immediately attract import duty…I learned this the hard way last time I had a melodica imported ..Perhaps it was the colourful nature of the Hohner airboard that made me have to pay twice the original price?Who knows!!
Thanks Paul for managing to find the M-37C in the U.S for me.It’s really very good of you to put in the effort.My first temptation has been to just buy it but the fact that it shows as second hand and the ebay site has a no returns policy has me wondering.Maybe I’m being too cautious because I’d love to see what this model is like to play…

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