Reply To: Bass Melodica in Small Band Setting?


Hello mudbone, we do not use the bass melodicas in a single bass line type application, the sound just doesn’t do it for us. We prefer to get the sound as tight as possible and use it in more of a Melodic way. Not that we don’t like Bass we just don’t think that the bass Melodica sounds tight enough to carry the base line alone for the music we are playing. In the Tokyo Melodica Orchestra video, Rotan plays the Hammond bass melodion pretty good within the piece and the arrangement is well done. Rotan and the rest of the Tokyo Melodica Orchestra worked on a track with the Monsters of Melodica (Valdez in the Country” where he used the bass Melodica on some of the bass parts at the end. If you listen to the track the subsonic bass that sounds like a moog synthizier is actually the Hohner Electra Melodica. If you can find one available in decent shape (very few were made and have survived) that one would work extremely well for a walking bass line but you do need an amp for that one. It took a little bit of work and the right setup but I got it to sound like a synth and guitar combined for the solo. An awesome Melodica.

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