Reply To: Bass Melodica in Small Band Setting?


Sorry I’ve been slow to check out these melodica links suggested by Melodica-Me and Paul. Really enjoyed “Snow Samba”. Like Paul the soprano melodica work in Snow Samba really caught my ear (haven’t heard much soprano melodica playing to this point). However I had trouble picking out the bass melodica passages from other midrange melodicas in the arrangement. I will have to listen to it again. The bass melodica never actually carries the bassline in this arrangement, correct?

That air pump contraption that the two melodica performer uses is quite inventive. Only limitation seems to be that the performer can’t easily modify the dynamics if the air pressure is constant. I suppose this suits his purpose to back his vocals but for basslines this might get monotonous (maybe rhythmic subtleties could compensate?).

Any thoughts on whether playing walking basslines would be passable if one were to use a circular breathing technique to try to keep the quarter notes going?

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