Reply To: Good keys for non-sloppy playing

Randy Freemire

Shannon and Alan,
Thank you for the information, very helpful! I suspect that much of the problem is that the Hohner Instructor 32 is a pretty cheap instrument and that stepping up to something better will go a long ways.

I notice the Hohner Professional 32 is no longer available. For my next melodica I was planning on buying the Yamaha 32 or 37, based on so many recommendations. Haven’t heard very much about the Clavietta, from the little google search I’ve done it looks like its expensive and not readily available. My next melodica purchase I wanted something under $100, and after that who knows, maybe I’ll spring for the HP44 because of the pickup and generally good reviews.

Alan, I’m new to the whole melodica playing and as a multi-instrumentalist I’m inclined to find something that feels good out of the box, but its good to know that I have options for adjusting the spring tension. If I continue to have such a blast playing the melodica and find the keybed unacceptable it’s good to know I can attempt a fix!

Have to say, just love love loving this instrument!

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