Reply To: larger key melodicas

Alan Brinton

In what position do you usually play your melodica, Eric? If I lay mine on a flat surface and play it with the long tube, small keys are a big problem, but not when I think of it more as a wind instrument and hold it up to my mouth. Then both hands are coordinating to get into position on the keys. My background is on piano. Lately, I’m playing a little Suzuki Study II that has 2 and 5/8″ white keys and 1 and 5/8″ black keys. In some ways, it is easier to play. My right hand is in position to cover almost the whole keyboard. I couldn’t play this one at all laid flat. And when it’s laid flat, the melodica can’t be rotated to suit the hand, so the hand has to be in awkward postures. Just some thoughts.

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