Reply To: Juliett Pianola Project

Alan Brinton

Now we come to the main reed chamber gasket.

This green gasket has deteriorated and crumbled, and so I am in the process of scraping it off, after which I will replace it.

The same has occurred with the strips of padding that stop the white keys and black keys. The melodica is playable without these, but clacky. They will be easy to replace once the keys are removed. The keys are now removed. This is done by lifting off the ends of the springs with the dental instrument shown (courtesy of my friendly dental assistant). Once the spring is detached, the key lifts out. The individual key pads look fine.

There is also a lot of cleaning to do. The keys need cleaning. Debris is in the springs and all over the place. I will soak everything in a vinegar/water mix and clean with a toothbrush.

To be continued….

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