Reply To: Hammond HP44 Pickup is Flaky


Hello Colleen, there are a few things you can do. First you can purchase a line transformer, I purchased mine at radio Shack. If you need something with more control you can purchase a Clean Boost Pedal with gain control, available at places like Guitar Center or Sam Ash music stores as well as on EBay. last, what I use is a SansAmp Para drive DI box with EQ and gain ” this pedal gives you the added feature of equalization as well as A low impedance XLE output that can send a feed to a house PA system and your amplifier at the same time. Anyone of these devices connected between your Hammond 44 and you amplifier should give you what you need. Remember you may will need to play with the volume on your Hammond, pedal and amplifier to give you the right balance for tone. Hope this helps and if you have any questions let me know I can send you some pictures. By the way, what amplifier are you running.

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