Reply To: Melodica Produces Wide Range of Sounds and Textures


Thanks for the kind and inspiring words Jazzman and Alan.

I would clarify Jazzman’s comments that while some of these effects are novel or “sound effects,” most are actually playing techniques I use for expression when performing. It is a real challenge to apply these techniques while playing in a live situation. They are best used in a low-stage-volume acoustic setting where the subtleties can be heard.

By the way, several weeks ago, I joined a new band where where I play Hammond organ. I will play melodica on a few songs. But better than that, this group has a subgroup that plays in an acoustic trio setting, where I will be playing melodica exclusively. We will be performing a lot this summer. So I am excited about getting out there again this season with the melodica and further developing my sound and playing style.

The band website is:



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