Reply To: Research Masters focusing on Melodica and Composition (Split: 2017 Melodica Goals!)


It is great hearing all the same names pop up. It assures me I am researching in the right places! Daren, the videos are, circular breathing is a technique I have been looking into. As I come from a piano background I have never needed to use it but am currently learning. Any scores you have would be greatly appreciated as I would like to know how you have scored the melodica parts.

The questions I am asking to help put together research for my Masters are as follows (anyone feel free to answer, I would love to hear from people with many different backgrounds)

1. What about the melodica makes it a unique instrument? (if you think it is a unique instrument)

2. What sort of techniques do you use that you believe idiomatic (specific) to the instrument?

3. Have you experimented much with the melodica, electronics maybe?

4. How do you think it could be improved?

5. FINALLY What do you love about the melodica? (everyone is here I imagine because they enjoy playing and experimenting just as much as I do)

Thankyou in advance!

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