Reply To: Upgrade from Walther P/U 10


Thanks for your replies 🙂 I have checked some YouTube comparisons and it seems to me the suzukis have the smoothest sound, but it could be peoples recording equipment of course. My woodworking skills are unfortunately not enough for such a project, but there is of course the Mylodica, only I was scared away from that by some not so good reviews. I’ll just trust my Oktava MK319 to smooth out the melodica just like it does with acoustic guitar 🙂

I really want to like the pro 37 more because of how it looks haha, but maybe the other two are better as you say. Anyway on Amazon the MC37 seems to be $200 and the p37 is $100. If the Suzuki harmonicas website just restock the mc37 though it should cost €100 there… so I’ll wait a few days at least until I order something.

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