Reply To: Sonny Boy Williamson Apparently Covering the Outlet Slots on His Harmonica


Thanks for your kind words, Alan! Maybe there will be an instrument like that to buy one day – like I said, we are planning on building a little series of Claviettas based on the Labourdette…

And also thank you, Daren. I’ve seen the picture of the Labourdette some time ago on Facebook. In fact these are Binci Vibrandoneon reeds mounted in a 90 degrees angle, just the same as in the Accordinas.

: I hope I wasn’t spreading fake news when I talked about a Clarinet style mouthpiece; I simply meant the form of the mouthpiece, not the function – there is no reed or anything…

When speaking of the playing techniques I used I would strongly recommend a fixed mouthpiece maybe with a pipe instead of a tube, because you need to sort of wander along the edge of the mouthpiece with your mouth to create different sorts of noises…

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