Reply To: Sonny Boy Williamson Apparently Covering the Outlet Slots on His Harmonica


Hi Alan,

It would be tough to do “no hands” with a melodica. Not sure it would fit in my mouth!

I suppose you could use a sliding gate under the keyboard to limit or choke the sound coming from the top of a melodica, but I think having the holes on the back of the melodica allows for a much greater range of expression because there are scores of ways to hold, release, move the melodica against your chest. Really it is unlimited just like the harp player’s unlimited way of moving his hands to create his own style and modulations.

The sound holes really need to be on the back. Or there could be on outlet at the end of the melodica such as on the the high end Suzuki. You could play that like a trumpet player plays the bell of his horn with mutes.


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