Reply To: Show us your melodica workspace!


Wow CNC, I bough my Mill through The little Machine shop, they are on the net and luckliy they are only 15 minutes from my office. They have a small CNC machine there. They seam to be the go to guys for small equipment. I will probably buy my Lathe from them as I can go back to them if I need anything. Is the disk sander body cast aluminum/metal or plastic. They seam to be approx. the same cost as the Byrnes, depending on the dealer. When I work during the day I have a glass roll up door that allows 100% day light to work by and if I want to open it up for fresh air it is on a chain motor. At night I have an over head light and a LED light at the mill that I can move from there to the saw and over the work surface when I need to. And yes a cabinet maker, primarily shaper man and knife maker for multi knife moulders and shapers. I went through the aprentiship and then sat for my C6 license then B license. My C6 license is inactive now but it can be reactivate anytime I want to go back to cabinet making.


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