Reply To: Show us your melodica workspace!


Making M1 threads? That’s dedication! (That’s making the spiral threads for 1mm screws for anyone reading this doesn’t know what M1 means…).

I’ve just moved, and set up a temporary workspace, I’ll get some photos up as soon as my camera’s charged.

I’ve been using the tiny Proxxon table saw (Proxxon KS 115), which I’ve found fine for small pieces of hardwood. But recently I’ve been experimenting with wooden cases, and need a lot of angled cuts, in order to make shapes other than basic rectangles.

I ordered the bigger Proxxon table saw, the 27070 FET, but just had to send it back because the fence isn’t square to the blade when tightened. It’s a largely plastic machine, with little stability, definitely not for the serious melodica maker! That’s why I decided to look into a custom Byrnes machine. It doesn’t have a tilting blade, but does offer a tilting table instead.

I bought a Proxxon 37020 DB 250 lathe for making the mouthpiece on my 3D printed melodica. There was an issue with finding a pen mandrel to fit the Proxxon, which was a bit of a headache. Not that I wanted to make pens, but mouthpieces have similarities to pens when it comes to using a lathe.

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