Reply To: New member with vintage Suzuki M 36

Alan Brinton

I’m not sure I understand what you are saying about the tuning of your M-36, Henning. Most melodicas come from the factory tuned to a standard closer to A=442 or even A=443 rather than to A=440. The melodica can be tuned down to 441 or 440. I have done this with some of mine, but I think I’d use it for a while to see whether you really feel this is necessary, especially in relation to vocal music.

The reeds for the keys with the delay may need to have their gap adjusted. If you search “gapping” in the forums here, you will find discussion about this and how to do it. The gap is the distance between the reed plate and the open end of the reed. The very bottom keys of a 36 key melodica, though, tend to be less responsive than the higher keys. This is not unusual, and you should get accustomed to it. Gapping is not likely to help with that.

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