Reply To: Suzuki 37C vs 37c plus v yamaha – advice please!

Alan Brinton

It is possible to buy the gooseneck separately, though it may be hard to get it at a reasonable price delivered. It’s a nice piece. I have not seen any information that leads me to believe that the Plus is otherwise any better than the excellent M-37C. The Yamaha P-37D is also a very fine melodica with a somewhat mellower sound. To some the Suzuki has a bit of a harsh edge. The Suzuki M-37C and Yamaha P-37D are both excellent, though. Can’t go wrong with either one. My formal training is also on classical piano, and I personally prefer the 32 key models and seldom feel the need for more keys. It’s best to think of the melodica as more of a wind instrument than a keyboard instrument.

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