Reply To: Sorrento/Chordiana

Alan Brinton

The range of keys on the Sorrento is different from that of the Chordiana: C to C, as compared with the Chordiana’s G to G.

The Sorrento also appeared as the Universal, shown here:

I have just refurbished my Sorrento. It is moderately airtight and now playable. I had to shorten one spring to give it enough tension to close the air hole pad well enough to stop that note from playing all the time. The keyboard, mechanisms, springs, etc. are virtually identical to those of the Pinocchio Pianino and to those of the 25 key Silvertone Orgamonica Jr. The sound of the Sorrento is indistinguishable from that of the Pinocchio Pianino. The housings are different, but internally this is the same instrument.

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