Reply To: Photo—-Tubing and Fixture for Hohner Melodica

Alan Brinton

I ordered this corrugated tubing from Amazon, and it arrived today:

Amico 5/8″ 2M Black Soft Corrugated Tube Cable Pipe Bellows Hose

A Yamaha mouthpiece fits into it perfectly. When I blow through the 2 meter tube, there’s a loud whistling sound, whose pitch goes up or down depending on how hard one blows through it. However, when it’s used with the Yamaha, linked with a short piece of 3/8″ OD (outside diameter) rubber tubing, there’s no detectable whistling. This tubing is less flexible than a typical melodica tube, but it would be usable. It comes curled up, but it is easily straightened. It’s impressive looking. A short piece of the harder clear tubing shown above would make a more secure connection.

I wasn’t ready to cut the tubing yet, so you see the whole two meters here. Similar corrugated tubing is available in other sizes and under other descriptions. And it’s cheap.

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