Reply To: Diamanté Wind Vox


Have you thought about making reeds? I know concertina makers here in the UK make their own. It would be ideal to be able to experiment with different materials, thicknesses and shapes, I’m sure especially for you when considering what works best with bending notes.

Maybe we should set up a 5 day international reed making workshop??

For my project, I’m keeping it simple. I’m making an acoustic instrument – of course you could mic it up, but it won’t need to be, when playing with other acoustic instruments. I’m using a selection of materials, mainly wood, and quality reeds. My latest prototype is nearly ready. I think it will fulfil all my criteria – small, loud, good tone, solid action, robust, but I’ll continue experimenting for years to come, I’m sure!

I’ve just chosen timbers for the keyboard – maybe you’ve influenced me? 🙂

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