Reply To: Diamanté Wind Vox


I spoke with Mr. Binci several times regarding the reeds I needed. I requested the same size reeds as the clavietta from him as I had already started using the Clavietta reeds as a basis for my main plate size. the difference was that I wanted some in versions with brass, stainless and bronze reeds on a stainless reed plate. (2) sets of each to start with. The Diamanté is designed to have interchangeable reeds that screw in place without the use of wax to seal any gaps. I would still like to get some brass and bronze reeds made in that configuration. I am currently looking for new materials for another build and want to set my self up for some projects when I retire, hopefully in a few years :). To answer your question, yes the reeds are on the outside and it is a plunge valve system like the Clavietta or like an accordina. The Diamanté has a dual spring system, one at the back of the key and one in the valve post, where the Clavietta and accordinas have a single spring either at the rear or at the valve for tension. I am very curious on the progress of your new project, any updates? inquiring minds want to know 🙂

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