Reply To: Diamanté Wind Vox


Hello Quetschen, thank you. I originally included a baffle for the Diamanté to create a wah wah effect, but wound up eliminating it when the note bending system was completed. The reason I eliminated the baffle was that the location of the bending bar with my hand over the Diamanté made it very uncomfortable to hold and operate the bending bar. I use my thumb to support the Diamanté from the back so the baffle extended my hand to far away from the body as the Baffle needs to be in the open position all the time and only closed when the wah effect is needed. I think with time I can work this issue out, as an acoustical Wah Wah effect would be very cool. I currently use an Auto-Wah pedal, but it has its limits. I am thinking of going to a classic Vox Wah Wah pedal for this Diamanté and dedicate some more time for R&D for the baffle on the next one I build.

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