Reply To: Hohner Pro 36

Zoran Terzic

Hi MM,
thanks for the photo instruction. It is very helpful – however, my instrument is still at martin maurer’s, and he is unable to extract the metal pin (somebody must have oiled/waxed it once and now it is more or less glued inside.), he is afraid something will get damaged if he applies too much force etc.
So, I cannot take this thing out to check keys separately.
I have a question:
Since I cannot take out the keys separately to improve the air sealing, is there any fluid, fat, or the like, that I could put on the valve pads that would make them seal the air off better (instead of replacing them, I mean)? Or any material that I could attach to them without replacing them…?I assume the original valve pad material is leather?
(At this point no idea can be too silly if even experts cannot solve a problem.) best regards Z

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