Reply To: Hohner Pro 36

Zoran Terzic

Hey, thanks to all replies,.. I didn t think someone would reply eventually, so I had sent it in in the meantime,
the repair man exchanged the sealing, adjusted the reeds etc. now I m a shocking 250€ short and still to go.

@ MM > I do have a question :
the repair guy suggests to cut open the back cover in order to be able to approach the pads and “arms” of the keys, in order to adjust the closing mechanism (without changing the pads), I assume he is trying to adjust the arms so they press the pads more firmly on the hole —
does this make sense?
that would be 90 more;

That s his page BTW, he sells olds instruments now and then, a good overview:

the wooden construction makes for a louder and warmer sound, I post something once I m done — Z

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