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Hello Zoran, your Hohner Pro 36 is very interesting, I would love to hear how it sounds with the wooded piece on it. I own several pro 36 and the all leak a little due to the age of the Melodica. There are several ways to identify leaks in your Melodica. The best way I have found is using a little dishwashing soap and water mix. With the Melodica together start with the air chamber. Go around the chamber with an eye dropper filled with soapy water and wet the joints f the cover to the body and without pressing a key blow into the Melodica and see if you can see any bubble that appear. If so mark those area with a white grease pencil, tape or any way to identify the location of the leak. If your Melodica has a leak I would replace the gasket. I have used the one Alan shows in the past and works good, a little pressure will be needed to close the cover but will make a good seal. I like to use the 1/32 silicone gasket with the sticky back or the neoprene rubber with the sticky back. They all work fine I used to use leather but I find it is a bit harder to get a even fit. Clean the gasket area good, you want to make a good clean contact befor applying the gasket. Next if you still have leaks, the next step is to check the valve pads. In the same way you did the air chamber, wet around the pads completely (do not try to do them all at one time, the soap drys and bubbles are harder to see) place the cover on the Melodica, do not install the screws, just squeeze the cover tight and blow into the Melodica without pressing any keys. Open the chamber and see if you can see any air bubbles. Mark with a grease pencil or a sharpie. Now that you have identified all the locations of your leaks it’s time to remove the pads. With patience you can remove the pads with an exacto knife and tweezers. One you remove the pad the trick is cleaning the valve before you put the gasket pad on. this is where the silicone gasket material with sticky back helps a lot. Pressing the key down adjust the pad with the stick back still on it to see how it fits. Once you happy with the fit remove the backing and place the gasket material in place and release the presure from the key slowly to lower the valve in place. This is not an easy task but With “patience” it is possible. Note: I should have mentioned this step before, make sure that the Melodica is dry and the soapy mixture is completely removed before applying any gasket material. With all the pads replaced and the chamber gasket replaced cover the air chamber and check for leaks. If the back preasure has inproved but you still have some leaks. Repeat the soapy and water treatment to verify you installed the gaskets evenly.if no leaks are visible but you still have leaks you will need to check the wooden body in the chamber for leaks. Start with the corners and and mouth piece area lookin for bubbles. If none are spotted. This means that there may be decade on the wood or soft wood due to moisture building through out the years that was not removed. In this scenario you will have to disassemble the Melodica and check for wood rot or soft wood. I personally if found I would look for another Pro 36 if you find a lot of rot. The repairs and long and not always successful. If little rot is found, dry the Melodica well by setting it out in the sun ( do not leave it over night where moisture can gather. Check for soft spots and remove gently and fill with epoxy Bondo. Do not clunk it on and expect to file it off. Make a smooth finish and replicate the original formation, sand if uneven. Making sure that the Bondo has dried apply a water proof sealer then water proof paint. Let dry completely before re assembly of the Melodica. I do not recommend doing the last repair,unless you have worked with the epoxy, sealers and paints before. I learned the hard way, taking lots of pictures during the process will help you when you reassemble the Melodica, plus you can share here and help others. Let me know if this helps you, and please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you
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