Reply To: Sorrento/Chordiana

Alan Brinton

Hi, Jacob.

The Artist Ltd. is a very nice vintage Tokai Gakki. However, I have two of them. That model seems to have been distributed mainly in the U.S., though it was made in Japan. They are not hard to find in good condition at reasonable prices ($30 or so).

Whether there’d be interest in the Hohner soprano would depend to some extent on which model it is. If it’s either a button (as opposed to piano style) keyboard or the small key piano style, these are plentiful. But if it’s in pristine condition, that would make it more desirable. If it’s a later Piano style Hohner, there might be more interest, again depending on condition.

The “P” designation was introduced around 1970. If the label says just “Pianica 32” or “Yamaha Pianica 32,” and has small rather than full size keys, then it would be one of the first Pianicas, introduced in 1961, manufactured by Tokai Gakki and sold as a Yamaha and also as a Tokai Gakki. I have two of these but might be interested if it is in pristine condition. (I have two that are in decent condition.) This is what it looks like, though the one with the full size keys looks very similar:

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