Reply To: Can only buy one melodica ever, so which one?

Alan Brinton

I would say you are over-thinking this, Alan. I won’t try to answer all your questions at the moment, but I will offer a few comments.

First, I own all the current Yamaha and metal tray Suzuki models, have played them, taken them apart, tuned them and done reed gapping. Quality control is excellent on these instruments, and none of them arrived noticeably out of tune. They also all hold their tune reasonably well. If you are fastidious about their tuning and never having a reed stick, you need to learn how to tune and adjust the occasional reed. It’s hard to find a professional melodica tuner or repair person and too expensive. The keys play smoothly and evenly on all these models.

Second, It’s hard to go wrong with any of these models. My guess is that you will be pleased with whichever you choose. Furthermore, if you become a melodica enthusiast, you will probably want to own more than one. Each model has its charms, and it’s a lot of fun to switch between playing different ones. It’s like having several different motorcycles.

Third, supposing that you pay $100 U.S., it’s small investment for something that will significantly enrich your musical experience, which even a $30 melodica will do.

Fourth, what a melodica sounds like in a video or audio recording is highly misleading. Any melodica being played by Jon Batiste will have you thinking “I want to get one of those.” The sound may be processed, and so on.

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