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Fast and very fast playing on melodica


Subject fast playing on the keyboard takes a lot of keyboardists minds in one or another period . The first natural advice is : to play a lot slowly and gradually pick up the pace. However, it is valid to some extent, beyond which the case simply isn’t progressing. The students are thinking it’s always a question of training of fingers ; but already in the 19th century, the great pianist F.Buzoni put forward the idea of technical phrasing, based on the organization of musical material in blocks, easy for brain to play on one volitional impulse. Teachers rightly say that fingers should be easily and freely , ie the focus moves from the fingers to another place . Melodica clearly demonstrates – whither: breathing (For pianists it means the breath of hands ) . As mentioned above, in this case breath plus intonation control the movements of hands and fingers. Breath is primary, movement is secondary. After many years of playing melodica , if I simple pick up right hand and begins to blow just like that, the fingers jump themselves. Elaborated reflex.
Thus, for a significant acceleration of pace necessary to define the boundaries of breathing phrases, including a longer music fragments , and reduce the breathing time. On a more long phrase – a more accelerated breath. To determine the boundaries breathing phrases is possible just sing simultaneously with playing .


The only problem is that the air is not enough ! smile

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