Reply To: Can only buy one melodica ever, so which one?


the best Melodica models that are new and considered good are :

1. Yamaha Pianica P-37D
2. Suzuki M-37C

you can get Yamaha on any Amazon website, but for me it will be cheaper to buy on Ebay from Japan.
the Suzuki M-37C is not on all of them, you can get it on Ebay.

the Yamaha is considered the Best Value for the money, you can hear sound demos on many Youtube clips,
both are around 100$.

the better ones (for my taste) :

1.the Vintage Hohner (Melodica Piano 36, Melodica Professional 36) –
they start at around 200$ for the piano, and 500$ for the professional.

2. the Hammond Melodion 44 & Melodion 44 HP (these start at 400$+) – these are a completely different then all the rest.

you also got the Suzuki Pro37 V2 which costs about 220$, most of the reviews say it’s not worth the money and you should get other Suzuki models like the M-37C, M-32C or A-34C (the M-32C is considered more Fun to play, the A-34C has a Darker sound).

you can see it all here :

Buying a melodica in 2020

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