Reply To: Suzuki A-32 (1967-72)

Alan Brinton

That would be this A-32:

Suzuki A-32

If in good playing condition, it’s a very good vintage model, Michael. Values for vintage Japanese melodicas are not well established. It really depends upon what someone is willing to pay. If you were looking for one of these, you’d probably have to find it on a Japanese auction sight and get it for under $20 but pay $40 for delivery, which is how I got mine. In the U.S. I’d put it on eBay with a starting bid of $40. You might end up having to lower that. Knowing this model, if I wanted one I’d be willing to pay about $70 delivered. It also depends on its condition. I’d want to see detailed photos and know that it was air tight with good key action up and down the keyboard – all notes playing of course. But I’d also suggest posting in the Members’ Trade and Swap forum here.

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