Reply To: The Amazing Melodica! – Tutorial (fragments )


Playing the chords

Small Melodica’s keyboard allows playing doubles and chords of course. An adult’s hand can easily perform elevenths (octave + fourth) and even twelfths (octave + fifths); most of the pianists are unable to play these intervals on the piano with one hand.

Chords can be easily constructed in these intervals as well.

If using the thumbs of both hands for supporting the instrument and also for playing the keyboard – then prolonged chords may be played by the right hand and the basses by the left. If using the flexible pipe, the instrument may be held in front, even on the knees, and the chords and basses can be played by both hands, as on the regular keyboard. But consider that playing chords uses more air; the more keys in the chord, the sooner you will run out of air.
But the strongest feature of playing chords on Melodica is the rhythmic articulation, while holding down the chord’s keys, for example, C6 chord – CEGA .

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