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Thanks all, sorry I had not responded sooner, I have been off the grid a little. I hope to have something for you to hear soon. We have been working on a couple of new tracks, it’s just taking a little longer than what we had planned. I know a few of you have asked about seeing the inside of the Diamanté, unfortunately there are a few proprietary items that I can’t share at this time as we are in talks with a manufacture. So for now I must keep them off the internet, I hope you all understand. We recorded a small sample of the Diamanté on our next Monsters of Melodica release so you can hear what it sounds like and how it sounds to bend a note upward, in this case a very bluesy sound. As for the case, I originally started making a case from the same exotic wood to match the Diamanté, but realized quickly that it was not very practical because I would need a case for my case lol. I also made an ATA case that I will keep for possible longer travels. I did find a case that I could take on a plane (picture on the ones Alan posted) that I really like. It also comes with a leather music folder that wraps the case and an accessory bag that straps to the side. The feature I like the best is that it also doubles as a stand for the Diamanté on stage. If someone tips over the case, the Diamanté stays in the padded case. Constructed of fiber glass and covered in brown leather. Shannon asked the question regarding one of my previous statements “The more keys the better”. It is true I like more keys. I started this project a long time ago and at that time I was thinking more about a compact sized keyboard. As for the reeds, I used the reeds from a Clavietta during the build process and was Lucky enough to find (2) sets never used and still wrapped in waxed paper from a gentleman in France. One set is installed in the Diamanté now with a spare set in a dedicated tool kit I am putting together for the Diamanté.

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