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Triplet feel

Playing 3 eights (triplet) for every bit: “KAtata-PAtata”, “KUtutu-PUtutu” etc.
Metronome from 60 MM to 92 MM

In jazz the eights are not equal – every odd eight is longer than the next . The length ratio: 2:1 (triplet in the quarter):

Exercise 5


Accented bits – 2nd, 4th- “ta-TAT’ka-ta-TAT’ka”
Variation: “ta-TAT’ka-ta-TAT’ka”
Metronome: between 72 – 112 MM

3 ways to join jazz eights in swing

In the history of jazz, tradition of eights articulation were laid down mostly by the saxophonists: Lester Young, Charlie Parker, Johnny Griffin, Dexter Gordon, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderly and others.

1) Eights can be performed separately as “ta-Ka-ta-Ka”, metronome set between 72 – 108 MM:

2) Can be played also as “a-Ha-a-Ha-a-Ha-a” legato-like, emphasizing by diaphragm (Ha – as if you were warming up your hands)
This was the style of saxophone – swing musicians in 30th of the last century. Metronome: 60 – 160 MM.

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