Reply To: Doppler and Leslie Effect with Hohner Piano 26



Here is a another study (see link below) showing significant variation in tonal coloration and a high level of expressiveness from a Hohner piano series melodica.

Everything you hear is from one melodica and one setup. The tonal variations are accomplished through technique and melodica design. Some delay was applied during recording.

The tube amp was miced to a pocket recorder and you can here the water heater a bit in the background.

So this is a study. Playing is not quite improv; recording quality is just adequate. However, if you are exploring the limits of melodica expressiveness, this recording may hold some ideas. Good playback equipment will obviously enable you to hear the nuances of some of the techniques.

In addition to physical manipulation of the melodica, I use a technique where I hold down lots of keys (a chord). Then, by varying the blowing pressure, notes come in and drop out of the chord.

Click here to listen.



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