Reply To: Refinish of Yamaha P-32D

Alan Brinton

Here are photos of the gold P-32D, cured for two weeks after being painted (over a steel wooled orignial blue finish) with glossy gold Krylon and coated after a short drying period with glossy Krylon clear. At first, the finish was glossy, even in color, and less grainy, more “golden” as it were. Sorry I didn’t get photos of gradual changes, but this is what has occurred. After a couple of days, in some places a milky darker color appeared. You can see one in the third photo below and to the right of the model identification. I’m guessing this could have been avoided by a longer drying period between paint and clear gloss. But I kind of like it. You’ll also see some unevenness of color, but those spots have disappeared. In any case, this refinish has not yet stabilized, which confirms what some say, that the full curing process takes a month or more. So I’ll have it under observation for at least a couple of weeks. There are some other imperfections that could probably be eliminated by wet sanding followed by another coat of clear gloss. I have mixed feelings about striving for perfection in this. What I want is a durable finish that pleases my eye.

The end piece photo significantly exaggerates the graininess of this finish and makes it look glittery. This gold is not a glitter paint.

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