Reply To: Tuning a Suzuki Andes recorder melodica.


I love those portative organs too Daren.
Do you have one?
They are a bit beyond my means for now.

Joe, I recently got a Andes 25 too.
One thing to think about is it’s not really functioning like a recorder as it’s often described.
It’s actually more like the Andean pan flute, the zampona I think it’s called?
It’s sound generation is similar to blowing across the top of a bottle.
Blowing harder doesn’t really create more volume.

Gerard, as far as tuning, it looks like the end of the tubes are stopped with a plastic stopper held in place with a drop of hot glue.
It looks like it would be a simple matter to break the bead of glue and work the stopper either in or out to adjust the tuning?
However I haven’t tried this yet myself.

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