Reply To: Hi folks!

Tatu Salmela

I have a few reedsets from, but I do not have a scale to weigh them. They are 2 mm thick and 8 mm wide, not so heavy. The reedplates are 33 mm long from G4 upwards (g abowe middle c) and 36 mm below that. I had to order specially made low plates that were still longer than that, in my sets the lowest 36 mm plate is G3. Below that they are 40 mm.

In my Button Harmonica I used Hohner chromatic single harmonica reeds on a cnc-milled 1,5 mm brass plate. I bought the Harmonikas reeds for a custom project that was ordered from me. They are still a lot bigger than chromatic harmonica reeds, so they don’t suit this kind of design.

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