Reply To: Shoulder strap?

Gayle H

Okay, now you are making me think about the two-handed playing again! Do you do that? Are there threads here about that? I haven’t been able to find any.

Maybe this question should go in the Technique section, but I find that when I add chords or harmony notes to the melody I am playing, the extra notes seem loud and intrusive, and it is suddenly twice or three times as loud when twice as many or three times as many notes are being played, which throws off the dynamics. I suppose with practice I can learn to compensate for that by altering my breathing, but it seems hard to blend harmony notes smoothly. That is something that is making me think of this more as just a melody instrument… maybe it is called “melodica” for a reason!

Or maybe it is just that I am a beginner and just beginning to know the instrument.

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