Reply To: Shoulder strap?

Gayle H

Thanks for the suggestions. Guitar strap, keychain, maybe camera strap … no wonder search on “melodica strap” doesn’t turn up anything … except that it brought me to this forum!

With only one, okay I guess “eye” is the name for the thingy, whatever is used would have to just go around the arm or the neck, I guess it would be playable that way, (I’ve been searching these forums for threads on two-handed playing, so far haven’t found any.)

But here is another question. Apparently people do take their melodicas apart for purposes such as tuning. If I took this plastic melodica apart and carefully drilled some holes to make it possible to create another attachment, would that affect the sound or volume of the melodica, to have those tiny holes? If I ran a shoelace through the holes and they completely filled the holes, would that prevent any change in sound? (I’m a little concerned that the single eye on this plastic melodica looks sort of fragile and might break off if I wasn’t very careful in using some sort of strap, keychain, etc.)

Thanks again for help and suggestions!

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