Reply To: Suzuki A-34C vs M-32C


Wow, that’s a cheap price. Yes, it has bad venting and the intonation starts to go out as moisture builds up. Just to clarify, by expressiveness I actually meant more about the volume/tone dynamics, although note bending, of course, can also be part of expressiveness. It seems like I get a bit more dynamic range and can get a punchier sound (like horn shots) with the Study 32 than with the M-37C. Maybe it’s mostly perception just because the Study 32 has a brighter sound. When you mentioned about the A-34C sounding a bit more muted and mellow, I figured I’d rather go with a brighter sounding instrument that can sound punchy when needed. (BTW, I just blow direct or through a plastic mouth piece, never through a hose.) In addition to the M-32C, I think I will also be ordering a Yamaha P37D for something with a (from what I’ve read) smoother/mellower sound that also has the extended note range.

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