Reply To: Suzuki A-34C vs M-32C


Kuma, thanks for pointing that out. I own the M-37C along with a couple cheap Suzuki melodions (e.g. Study 32). I do notice that the intonation of the attack of the notes in the low note range might be more stable on the M-37C but the Study 32 is also more expressive/dynamic and maybe a bit louder, overall. I’m not sure how much of the dynamics is due to other internal air-flow design and how much the lack of a baffle is a factor.

Regardless, I am more interested in expressiveness so I will probably opt to try the M-32C over the A-34C (since the A-34C has the baffle and is also a bit more “mellow” sounding according to Alan). Similarly, I agree with your decision to try the M-32C over the M-37C.

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