Reply To: Suzuki A-34C vs M-32C

Alan Brinton

Amazon Canada has the M-32C for $112 Cn with free shipping. That shipping would be from Japan and would probably take about two weeks, assuming that it’s in stock. There’s no problem with shipping from Japan.

I have all three. I rarely play the M-37C because I like the sound of the other two better (a bit less harsh) and because they are both lighter and more compact. I play the M-32C regularly, but I’ll get the other two out and see how much more specific I can be about noticeable differences. The A-34C and M-37C both have a rubber bladder at the lower end that expands and contracts, thereby slowing down response and (in theory at least) providing truer sound on the lowest notes. I believe the volume is a bit greater with the M-37C, and the sound of the A-34C is a bit more muted and mellower (pleasingly so, to my ear) than that of the other two. The key action is excellent on the M-32C, which I’ve been playing a lot the last few days. This is one of its distinguishing features, though maybe not in relation to these other two models.

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