Reply To: The Melodica as an Analog Synth


Hi Lowboy
It has been a while since the last time I visited the forum. I’m just hearing this, hooow, great effects!
I have trying to produce some music on the computer, and have been learning a bit about synths. And using some vst plugins (not the same has the real analogue). Lol. A new world for me. Didn’t know anything about synths a few months ago. Didn’t know what was a moog either. Lol. And now I’m hearing this and I think it is pretty creative.
You are always looking for for new techniques, sounds and possibilities for the melodica! Great work Lowboy!
Also this past months I haven’t been playing the melodica. I have been exploring computer producing, so I have been playing finger drums with pads, exploring synths, playing bass on the midi controller, sampling etc. Also exploring more with musical production eq, delays, reverbs, etc. And now I’m back to the melodica and I found that this past months learnings and experiences were very helpful when it comes to playing the melodica!
I simply enjoy hearing this! Great!

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