Reply To: Effect pedals for your Melodica

Lee Anderson

Thank you for your insights concerning pedals and melodicas. I have the Hammond 44 HP, and I am having trouble seeing significant differences with pedals. I plug into a hot-rod Plexi and then go to a Ventura Vibe and a Polara Reverberation pedal. You mentioned that it may be necessary to add a “buffer” pedal to the mix to increase the signal going through. I’m not sure if the Hot Rod Plexi is a buffer or not. I see that Amazon sells buffer pedals that are also “booster” pedals. Is this what you are talking about? Do you have any suggestion of a good buffer pedal that will boost the signal?

I hate to think about buying another Hammond 44 without the HP, but I would do that if necessary to get good pedal effects.

I am running things through a Ventura Preamp and an Orange box speaker.


Lee Anderson

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