Reply To: Hi folks!

Tatu Salmela

To make it clear, this is not the accordina. It’s an original instrument I designed called “button harmonica”. I have also made an accordina, but it is not in my possession. We didn’t have any information on the original instrument either (now there’s more on the net) but a video on youtube with Richard Galliano. So we made one from scratch (harmonica reeds on 2 plates), I just reasoned the structure. My desings weren’t far off, only difference in structure was the single reeds and the metal air reservoir in the Borel. Next year we met Richard Galliano and were arranged a meeting with him (with a translator) to talk about the accordina and examine his instrument. He has a vintage Borel accordina. I have also met Ludovic Beier discussing the subject, he has a Marcel Dreux accordina.

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